Iklan reklame Gojek jadi perbincangan hangat netizen

Iklan reklame Gojek jadi perbincangan hangat netizen

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Iklan reklame Gojek jadi perbincangan hangat netizen


Gojek has become a hot topic for discussion among Internet users.

This time it’s about the large billboards installed in the Kuningan region in southern Jakarta.

Without a complicated design, Gojek’s advertising successfully caught the eye of drivers crossing Jalan Gatoto Subroto. This display only shows text along two paragraphs in black with a white background.

Ad placement was considered appropriate by many Internet users.

Because the area is actually severely congested due to the construction of the “underpass” Mampang Prapatan-Kuningan.

“Tersmart is the one who tested the Gojek ad before the brass crossing. Everything was just right,” tweeted @ anidakarima.

The content of the advertisement is not only a question of placement, but is also intended to arouse the hearts of most urban people in Jakarta.

The opening sentence of the ad is: “Hello you.

Yes, you. Try to introduce yourself. Try to imagine if you can get to the office faster this morning. Open the office door, you don’t have to lower your head a little while you are go fast.”

“This is a cool GoJek ad that really hit the heart. Fortunately, in a place that is often blocked, kl can only happen in the usual place :)”, @metalizerz chirped.

In fact, advertising is viewed as an Indonesian literacy movement to encourage people to read more diligently.


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